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2022 FIFA World Cup: Croatia Vs Belgium, H2H Results, Standings, And Prediction

We are all set to witness the thrilling encounter between the two European football powerhouses at the FIFA world cup 2022. The match is just around the corner and the fans are making their predictions for victory holding their favorite team as the best.

We are in the article going to cover significant information on studying this match from the close dimension. The article covers the best possible prediction for this game to assist the fans and also provide them with other information to enjoy this match in a timely manner.

2022 FIFA World Cup: Croatia Vs Belgium, H2H Results, Standings, And Prediction

Croatia vs Belgium H2H Results

Croatia and Belgium are coming face to face on December 1st to find their ways to top their respective groups in this world cup. This match is going to take place between two European football powerhouses in group F and it is expected to be a thriller for sure. If we go through the history of head-to-head games between Croatia and Belgium then we find almost equal or even competition between them.

Both of these teams have met four times in the past and out of those matches managed to win 1 game and draw 1 while losing the 2 other games. So Belgium is slightly having the upper edge over Croatia but still, it is not a significant edge. We believe that both of these teams are having equal head-to-head stature against each other. This match is definitely going to meet all the expectations of the fans by entertaining them with a thoroughly capable team..

Belgium vs Croatia Prediction

Well picking either of the teams as a favorite between Croatia and Belgium is going to be a tough task. It is for this reason that both of these teams come with equal potential and is hardly having any significant advantage over one another. The prediction for the match goes more for a draw than holding one team as the clear favorite.

We believe that Croatia can be held favorite with a percentage of 55% while Belgium gets another 45% probability of being the winning side. The match is standing with an even victory prediction for both of the teams and that's what makes it a highly favorite to watch.

2022 FIFA World Cup: Croatia Vs Belgium, H2H Results, Standings, And Prediction

Croatia vs Belgium Venue & Timing

This year Fifa world cup is being hosted by Qatar so the matches are taking place across the country at different venues of stadiums. The venue of this match is to be held in the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium which is located in AI Rayyan, Qatar. The date of this match is December 1st, 2022 while the timing is from 3 PM GMT. The fans can enjoy the match live on their regional sports channels at their regional standards time. Also, they can buy the tickets of the game at the official website of the FIFA world cup to enjoy the match live.

Belgium's possible starting lineup

.We believe Belgium will be entering the ground with the same team to lock horns with Croatia. Their expected playing lineup is Castagne, Batshuayi, Witsel, Hazard, De Bruyne, Carrasco, Meunier, Alderweireld, Courtois, Vertonghen, and Tielemans. This is their best possible lineup to attack the opponent team with their full potential.

It is although notable here that Belgium and Croatia both have qualified for the qualifiers so this match isn't a must-win for them. However, their key focus will be to win this game and finish at the possible top spot in their groups.

Belgium vs Croatia Prediction

Croatia's possible starting lineup

Croatia is the other fierce European football powerhouse that will be taking on Belgium next. Their possible lineup in the game is expected to be Livaja, Perisic, Brozovic, Modric, Livakovic, Sosa, Kramaric, Juranovic, Lovren, Gvardiol, and Kovacic. Their team is full of potential to turn the tables around at any part of the game for them and this is what makes them highly lethal.

We believe Croatia is definitely the head-to-head opponent for Belgium and will definitely put a significant threat to them. The match is going to be fierce and is sure to entertain both teams' fans across the world and on the ground.

Belgium vs Croatia Who Will Win

Well although it isn't an easy game of prediction to pick any one team yet our favorite is Croatia. This is the team that already has two titles of the FIFA world cup before their names and is looking for the next season. Besides Croatia has also defeated Belgium two times already in tough encounters and they are aware of their game plan. Belgium on the other hand is the team that comes with the defensive game plan strategy most of the time.

This attitude is also the reason that puts Croatia as a favorite team in this game. Rest your fingers crossed that anything could happen in this game and we are all here to witness that only. We believe that Belgium will be under more pressure to win or draw this game against Croatia. However, our ultimate prediction is that Croatia will make this game by 2-1 in their court and will be among the topper of their group.

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