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Halloween 2022 Calendar: When is Halloween 2022 & 2023?

Are you looking forward to celebrating the observation of Halloween but are not so aware of the whole origin of this event? Well, you can then here in the article ahead check out When is Halloween 2022 & 2023 related information in an accurate manner? The article sheds relevant light on educating the readers about the whole origin of Halloween.

The article also includes the concerning dates of Halloween in the year so that our fellow fanatics of this festival can plan their preparation for the festival in the advance. We highly believe that after going through the article the readers will be having fairly well information on the origin and actual meaning of Halloween. They can also share the article with their friends family and loved ones around to let them know about this festival from a close angle.

Halloween 2022 Calendar: When is Halloween 2022 & 2023?

Origin of the word Halloween

Well if we go back to the period of the celts or the Celtic religion then we can come to know the reference point of the word Halloween. In fact, the whole origin of Halloween belongs to the same Celtic religion which we know reckon as Halloween across the world.

The traditional night of the Samhain used to be celebrated before all Saints day. This night was initially used to be reckoned as All Hallows eve and the same night later became the night of "Halloween". Until the passage of the 18th century Halloween was popular as the "All Hallow Even" in English culture and later it evolved to the "Halloween".

What is Halloween?

Halloween is basically an observation or the kind of festival that comes from the period of Celtic culture approx 2000 years ago. The observation takes place on 31st October each year in the Christian culture, especially on the western side. However, the festival is now celebrated across the world by non-Christian people as well. There are several theories behind the origin of Halloween and all of them have their own reasoning behind it.

However, the most popular and believed theory is that the festival is celebrated to ward off the ghost and spirits of the dead from coming to earth and causing damage. For this reason, people wear ghost costumes and prepare the whole surrounding with a ghostly ambiance such as using the pumpkin for the ghost head, putting lanterns in the crop field or grounds, etc.

When is Halloween 2022?

Well as we have already specified in the article above Halloween is a festival that takes place on a fixed date. So the festival is going to take place on 31st October itself which is going to be the day Monday.

So if you are looking forward to celebrating this funky and ghostly festival then mark this date for your reference. You can also use our Halloween calendar from the article that will remind you of the festival in a smooth manner.

 When is Halloween 2022?

When is All Hallows' Eve 2022?

If you are confused in understanding the All Hallows eve observation then we would like to make it clear to you that it is the other name of Halloween itself. Since it is Halloween in itself thus the date of observation is the same which is for Halloween.

The whole process of celebrating All Hallows eve is the same as it is for the Halloween being the same thing. People from the Western culture celebrate it with their friends and family in a lively manner to ward off the ghosts of the dead.

When is All Hallows' Eve 2022?

What is All Hallows' Eve?

You don't need to confuse yourself between All Hallows eve and Halloween as both of them are the same. Yes, All Hallows eve is the other name for Halloween which was quite popular before we got the name Halloween finally. It is simply because the observation of Halloween is more than 2000 years old which comes from the Celtic culture or religion of Samhain.

Over the period of time, the observation of Halloween came through several names that include All Hallowe'en, Hallowe'en, All Hallows' Eve, All Saint's Eve, and then eventually Halloween. It is also called or known as the traditional night of Samhain as the observation originally belonged to them only.

 What is All Hallows' Eve?

When is Samhain 2022?

Samhain is always celebrated on the first day of November or can simply say that it is going to fall on the 1st of November. In the Celtic culture which was prevalent for 2000 years, the day used to mark the first day of winter. It is still the day in the western culture that ends the summer and brings the official winter.

The day is marked as the day of winter only in religious terms for those who are carrying their faith in the Celtic culture. So you can celebrate this day of Samhain on the coming first day of November or simply on November 1st.

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