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Thanksgiving Day 2024: When is Thanksgiving Day 2024 & 2025?

Are you looking forward to celebrating the festival of Thanksgiving day ahead and want to check out the official dates and also the whole origin and the meaning of this festival? Well, you can then here take a look at our Thanksgiving Day 2024 article to explore everything about this festival of harvest gratitude.

Having the knowledge about the origin and actual meaning of the festival we believe that the festival would be much more enjoyable for our readers. They can also get the Thanksgiving calendar in the article to mark the day and celebrate it on time when the time comes.

Thanksgiving Day 2024: When is Thanksgiving Day 2024 & 2025?

When is Thanksgiving Day 2024?

Well, the observation of Thanksgiving day differs across the world, particularly in the region of the USA and Canada. In Canada, the festival takes place on the second Monday of October while in the USA it takes place on the fourth Thursday of November. So technically if you are someone in the USA then the observation of Thanksgiving Day in the country will take place on 24th November.

While if you are willing to celebrate the festival in Canada then it was scheduled to take place on 10th October there. So it all depends upon the fact that where you are residing and the festival of Thanksgiving day will accordingly hold its date there.

When is Thanksgiving Day 2024?

Thanksgiving Around the World

Thanksgiving is a festival that is primarily celebrated in some numbers of prime countries around the world. The major countries that reckon and celebrate this festival are the United States, Saint Lucia, Grenada, Liberia, and Canada. Furthermore, there are some other sub-national countries as well that similarly celebrate the festival. The whole concept of Thanksgiving is having that sense of gratitude to the almighty for having a fine harvest each year.

So technically any country can reckon this festival as it is not wholly religious centric but a very general observation representing the human virtues to being humble for having the blessing from nature in the form of the finest harvest. The culture of Thanksgiving day celebration is very common across Europe America and some other interconnected regions.

History of Thanksgiving in America

If we go to the root of the Thanksgiving day festival then we have to travel back to 1536. It was the period of Henry VIII and is also known as the era of English transformation. The history of Thanksgiving in America is rooted in the same period of English culture.

This was the period from which the observation of prayers and thanking took place in the American culture. It is further notable here that in England or English culture the harvest was cultivated before November which is the observation month of Thanksgiving day in the American region.

History of Thanksgiving in America

How Is Thanksgiving Different in Canada?

It is widely known that Thanksgiving Day occurs on different dates in Canada than in the USA and all other countries. There is a basic reason behind it which is simply the fact that the Canadian Thanksgiving day is more in link with the UK than the USA. It is simply for the logical fact that the harvest in the Canada and UK takes earlier than in the USA which generally happens in November. The official timing of the harvest cultivation in the UK and Canada is in October or even early.

So this is simply the reason why Thanksgiving takes place early in Canada than in the USA. Other than this there are several other reasons in the terms of celebration that puts some fine line of difference for the celebration of Halloween in Canada than the USA. The overall festival of Halloween in Canada is low-key than what is celebrated in the USA and other countries globally.

Why is Thanksgiving always on a Thursday?

Well, Thursday has been recognized as the day of Thanksgiving day as it approaches the first week or at the beginning of November itself. Thursday has been kept as the fixed day for Thanksgiving day for two main reasons. One of them is from the period of Lincoln who chose Thanksgiving day for Thursday to unite the whole country for this festival.

The other is the commercial context in which the objective of choosing Thursday is to make the holiday shopping season a little longer in winter. So keeping both aspects in consideration the day of Thursday is reckoned as the official day of Thanksgiving across the USA and some other countries other than Canada.

Why is Thanksgiving always on a Thursday?

What is The Date of Thanksgiving Day 2024?

In 2024, it will be observed on Thursday, November 28 Thanksgiving Day is the festival of faith or an observation celebrated to be thankful for nature or the almighty for being blessed with the wonderful harvest season. For the same reason, it is also called the festival of harvest which takes place each year in November across the USA and other countries.

The festival is also linked with the religious faith especially in Christianity as the community uses the day to offer prayers across the Church. Later in the day, people come together to enjoy the day together by going out with friends and family. Overall the day is of utmost harmony and faith and has a very meaningful objective behind it gratitude.

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