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2022 FIFA World Cup: Netherlands Vs Ecuador Odds, Picks, And Predictions

Netherlands and Ecuador are all set to lock horns in the second round of the group stage in the Qatar FIFA world cup 2022. This is going to be one of the most thrilling encounters of the match between two equally aced teams.

Fans are all excited and cheered up to support their respective home teams and bring the electric wave of celebration to the ground. You can check out the odds, predictions, broadcasting, and all other information about this match to enjoy it thoroughly with your friends and family.

2022 FIFA World Cup: Netherlands Vs Ecuador Odds, Picks, And Predictions

Netherlands vs Ecuador Odds

The Fifa world cup is gradually picking its pace in the group stages after treating us with two unexpected upsets already. Now we are up with the game of Netherlands and Ecuador which is scheduled to be played on November 25. This is definitely going to be another big day in the Fifa world cup as both of these two countries are considered to be rivals as well to each other. Besides both of these teams are very high on their morales as they have been coming with the two comprehensive victories.

Talking about the odds of this particular match we believe that the Netherlands is going to take on Ecuador. The Dutch firepower may not seem so convincing but they do have the capability to make it happen. Both of these teams have had previous encounters as well where the Netherlands had outplayed them on almost all occasions. However, Ecuador is a well-balanced team and is also capable of turning the table at any given point of the game.

Netherlands vs Ecuador picks and predictions

Well considering the teams of almost similar strengths it is always a challenge to pick any of them as the best. We thus would stick at 1/1 for both of these teams although we know that the Netherlands is somewhat at the upper side here. Netherlands and Ecuador are having the same points already in the group thus they won't take any risk of messing up this particular match.

Netherlands vs Ecuador picks and predictions

If not a win then at least both of the teams will be aiming for a draw here to put the flame back at Senegal and Qatar. Dutch players are not even playing with their real strength assembly and they would definitely look forward to saving the match until they get back their key players back in the hut. The name of Davy Klassen and Cody Gakpo are supreme as they proved their heroics for the Dutch in the last gam

Netherlands vs Ecuador Prediction

This is going to be a crucial game for both the Netherlands and Ecuador for all reasons. Both of the teams are placed well in the group stage and won't like to take any unnecessary risk more than the win or the draw in their favor. The under 2.5 will be the strong phase of the play in our opinion as both of these teams will try to possess the game from this point.

You can expect both teams will pace out taking all possible shots during this period however the hustle will still be risk-free. Gustavo Alfaro the coach of Ecuador is a guy having a significant working history with the Argentine group. The Netherlands, on the other hand, is a pretty good team to counter Ecuador from all possible sides and it's definitely going to be a thrilling game.

Netherlands Possible Starting Lineup

The Netherlands will be gearing up to make it two out of two to qualify from the group stage to the quarter-finals. They will in fact be in a very good position if they manage to hammer Ecuador. For this, the Dutch will be bringing their best 11 from the shelf leaving no stone unturned to mark their foot on the victory.

Netherlands Possible Starting Lineup

Although it is hard to rightly anticipate the 11 players of the team we can still give it a possible close guess. Here is the possible Netherland lineup De light, Noppert, Ake, Memphis, De Jong, Berghuis, Dumfries, Gakpo, Bergwijn, and Blind. The team is the best possible player that they can unleash on the ground.

Ecuador's Possible Starting Lineup

Ecuador on the other hand is the team that will count on the Netherlands from the other side. Both of the teams are equally standing at this stage with the same amount of confidence in their bucket. Although the Netherlands is slightly on the upper side yet Ecuador has got the power to turn the tables quickly.

They will be mostly playing with their best possible lineup that got them through the victory line in their last match. The possible lineup of Ecuador is Torres, Hincapie, Galindez, Estupinan, Caicedo, Plata, Mendez, Ibarra, Valencia, Sarmiento, and Preciado. The team is most probably will be entering the ground however there is always the possibility of shuffling one or more players from the squad.

Where Can I Watch The Match Live?

This one of the most exciting and competitive games of this FIFA world cup will be basically played on 25th November. The timing of the match is from 4 pm as per GMT and fans will be able to stream the match live at the same time. If you are someone who is living in the UK you can then watch the match live on a popular sports channel called ITV.

If you are from other parts of the world then you can watch the match on the regional sports channel for your convenience. Also, the match will be available on several social media or OTT platforms for live streaming.

Where is the Game Going To be Played?

As we are aware that this Fifa world cup is being hosted by Qatar so all the matches are going to be conducted in the country itself. There are a number of stadiums in the country that will be used to organize the matches.

This Netherlands and Ecuador match will be played at the Khalifa International stadium in Qatar. If you are planning to watch the match live in the stadium then you can buy the tickets from the official website of the hosting country.

What is the Starting Time of the Fixture?

Are you not sure about the exact timing of the Netherlands vs Ecuador match? Well, we then simply advise you to check the same in accordance with the specific time zone of your respective country.

The timing of the game in the GMT zone will be 4 PM onwards when the match will pack on the action. The timing of the match will be different in the different time zone thus the viewers are advised to check the same for their country's time zone.

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